AI and big data solutions for the future of aerospace and advanced manufacturing

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Our Capabilities

We build AI-driven software applications to solve systems reliability, process optimization, and automation challenges:
Anomaly Detection
Autonomously identify deviations from nominal data, unlocking powerful applications like root cause analysis and predictive maintenance.
Distributed Computing
Automate and optimize allocation of computing tasks across cloud and edge computing resources
Predictive Modeling
Anticipate the impact of both intentional design/process changes and unexpected anomalies on overall system performance and reliability. 
Quality Control
Maximize yield and minimize production costs, with unsupervised learning algorithms that learn your quality standards and autonomously find sources of efficiency.

Our Approach

We combine the latest AI techniques with deep domain knowledge to develop innovative software solutions that meet the unique demands of our customers’ complex process and reliability challenges. We specialize in custom algorithm development built on open source platforms, resulting in cost-effective and fully extensible solutions. Our investments in user-friendly data visualization and analytics tools ensure that both technical experts and business users can easily access actionable insights. 

Work With Us
Allegro Labs is a venture-backed startup based in Santa Clara, CA. Our small team of data scientists, software engineers, hardware engineers brings experience building systems reliability, process optimization, and automation solutions in the Aerospace Industry.
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